PBA Bowling Challenge

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Compete in the best bowling tournaments in the world


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PBA Bowling Challenge is a 3D bowling game where players can participate in dozens of different tournaments against some of the best players in the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association), both as a single-player game or as a multi-player game online.

The game mechanics are very simple. First, you choose the place from which you want to roll the ball. Then, you slide your finger forward to forcefully roll the ball. Finally, you can tilt your device from one side to the other to influence the ball as it travels to the pins.

In addition to using normal bowling balls, you can also unblock special bowling balls in PBA Bowling Challenge. These include a ball that splits in two, one that emits lighting, or one that explodes when it hits the pins.

In the race mode of PBA Bowling Challenge, you can pass to higher levels as you play games. The more you win and the better scores you get, the more experience you'll receive.

PBA Bowling Challenge is a bowling game with excellent visuals and simple but very fun game mechanics. In addition, you will find lots of different game modes.

Requires Android 2.3 or later.